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IMPACT OF MOBILE APPLICATION: Firstly, there is a special place for the technology and innovation happening in the 21 century. It has a place for technology and this has made a sensational turnaround. Enterprises and organizations are witnessing the appearance of new innovation, and the field of education has been drastically altered for the best objectives. Secondly, the quality of education imparted to students around the world is facing an intense change over the years. This is the right time for mechanical advancement as well as development. One of the major players that have witnessed and realized the forward changes happening in the mobile applications development vertical. Now, today smartphones and tablets have taken over the personal spaces of living beings. With the world functioning due to mobile applications, mobile applications have carved a niche for intuitive and dynamic conditions for many students. MOBILE APPLICATION FACTS Particularly, a recent survey done by a reputed institute points out that educations mobile applications Now, they become the third most entities downloaded on mobile and smartphones. The mobile applications were downloaded at the rate of 8.47% for all verticals. Since digitization has taken over the world, the education sector has seen new innovative changes from the past few decades. Appence Software Solution developed many educational applications created. This is to provide students and teachers with a one-stop solution for providing answers to students of varied ages and mediums. With the entry of mobile applications through the use of technology, students can learn almost any skill. They can educate themselves at any place and at any time also. These days, e-learning mobile applications have made a buzz amongst students and teachers. The eLearning mobile applications provide easy access to quality materials and teaching aids for many teachers and students. So, students can get quality information in just a matter of minutes with the help of an internet connection. They can access vast amounts of accurate and reliable information at their fingertips.