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Website Modification of your old website is good for visitors and gain traffic from all over the world. Because its provide new user interface and better user experience to new as well as old one’s. So, before modification you have analysis the website and understand what will they need. Now, according to requirement you can easily modified your website with good web development company. Appence Software Solution is right place for you where modification of your old website at affordable price. Where, we have nation’s best expertise and having unmatchable abilities of doing their work. SO, WHILE DOING WEBSITE MODIFICATION OF YOUR OLD WEBSITE THERE IS SOME ISSUE YOU HAVE RESOLVE IT: EVERYTHING LOOKS MESSY When visitors see your website, they should find the specific information right away. If it takes forever to get what they want, they might decide against continuing the exploration. Instead, they will look for another website. Remove unnecessary videos and images, and avoid using too many tabs. YOUR HOMEPAGE LOOKS BORING Most people will keep browsing if the homepage looks interesting. If nothing catches their attention, they will leave. It doesn’t matter if there are excellent details on another page. Make sure you improve the homepage. You can also use review snippets. They tell visitors what your previous customers say about the products and services and highlight promotions and discounts. Everyone wants to save money when shopping, so this can give people a reason to continue browsing the page. YOU DON’T SHOW AUTHORITY Apart from the basics like the about us page and the products page, you must also include blogs. They tell people that you’re an authority in the industry and know a lot about the business. It makes your brand more reliable. If you don’t have anything that gains people’s confidence, they won’t buy from you. Make sure your page reflects what you know and tell everyone to choose you. THE LOADING SPEED IS TERRIBLE People are impatient. They don’t want to wait until a website loads correctly. If it takes more than three seconds to load a page, they will decide to close the tab and move on to the next. It’s even worse as the visitor moves from one page to another. The slow loading speed can kill your chances of converting this visitor into a buying customer. THE CONTENT IS GENERIC WHILE DOING MODIFICATION OF WEBSITE When you publish content on your website, make sure it’s exciting, authentic, and unique. Your goal is to entice visitors to read until the end. Expect these visitors to leave if there’s nothing exciting about the content. The articles you posted were generic, and there’s nothing to like about them. The lack of added value makes them feel it’s not worth the time. YOU DON’T POST UPDATES AFTER MODIFICATION OF WEBSITE Updates must be available on your website. Everyone should see what’s new for them if they continue browsing the page. The lack of updates can also harm your company. People might think you don’t care about how customers view you. They will jump to another website with more updates and interactive features. Post news about your company, including CSR initiatives and awards won. If you have collaborations with other brands, post the updates too. Visitors must feel excited about choosing your company because of these updates.