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WHAT IS DIGITALIZATION? Digitalization is defined as with the help of technology (latest and secure technology). They are digitize your business and get new wings on it. It’s give a better revenue and increase rapidly growth in your business. So, they experienced a transformation of business process, marketing requirement etc. WHY WE NEED FOR BUSINESS ? Now, a day the world is rapidly move towards the digitalization rapidly. Because the person’s life are busy and they are unable to manage the multiple task. Hence, due to this most of them move towards the digitalization. It’s the time efficient or secure, this two thing more beneficial for any type of digital services, which good for your business. BENEFITS ARE :- Sometimes you don’t have enough time or unable for deposit or withdraw money from bank. So, in this stage with the help of digitalization you easily withdraw, deposit and transfer money from anywhere or anytime. thing you can under the digitalization without going anywhere are:- book the ticket of bus, train, airways make payment all over the world you can order food from your favourite place. its provide good mode of internet (movie, drama etc) you can book appointment of doctor as you want you can register complaints take training and class from anywhere and many more thing you have done on your smartphone with the help of this.