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Why Fashion is important?

Why fashion is important? It reflects our culture, values, tradition, and nationality as well as shows life full of colors, new ideas, behavior, and nature, and expresses their views freely without any hesitation. Fashion including with makeup, different types of clothes, shoes, perfumes, and so on. Similarly, fashion dignifies confidence and self-empowerment. Fashion originates with spark and it's an integral part of our life. Increase demand of Fashion? It defines and enhances human life with a new style. It allows the different styles of wearing clothes such as northern style and western style. Most importantly, it gives self-confidence, self-motivation, new thinking, and new ideas for living life happiness. Everyone has a demand to try new traditional clothes so fashion it's a source of medium for all individuals to wear different types of cloth without any restriction. It provides a different lifestyle for youth to express their culture freely. Different types of fashion and different types of culture are helpful to generate ethical value in our society. Our fashion help to develop confidence with each other. Availability of brands There are lots of brands available in the market for youngsters so they provide different styles. When we try new fashions our way of life is changed because it dignifies our dignity. Everyone demands different fashion styles with makeup, ornaments, sandals, and so on.  There are lots of fabrics cotton, silk, threading work with different colors design, chiffon, velvet, wool, and so on. Fashion helps to create looking beautiful as well as awesome and is also an integral part of our life. There is northern and western cloth for wearing in our world so it's filled with different types of culture and tradition in our societies and also they dignify our values and way of living, eating and so on.